Microbiological laboratory

We perform the following tests of medical preparation:

  • Microbiological testing of non-sterile products (Determination of microorganisms population on products, by ČSN EN ISO 11 737 –1)
  • Microbiological testing of non-sterile products (Test on specific microorganisms by method of European Pharmacopoeia – Eur.Ph. 6)
  • Tests of sterility (Testing of sterility during validation of sterilization process, by ČSN EN ISO 11 737–2)


  • Medical devices are packed in clean rooms of class C and D by using modern machine equipment.
  • This packing meets medical requirements and guarantees barrier sterile properties. We can provide any printing and labelling based on your request.

We also provide

  • Estimation of microorganisms population on an object (bioload) , by ČSN EN 1174
  • Validation of the sterilization dose in compliance with ČSN EN 11137 including required microbiological tests (i.e. determination of microorganisms population – bioload, and sterility test, by ČSN EN ISO 11737