Fibrous Dysplasia of Ribs and Spine – Multiple Fields Solution

26. 10. 2010

P. Habal, K. Kaltofen

Charles University in Prague, Cardiac surgery clinic, Neurosurgical clinic of University hospital and University hospital in Hradec Králové.

In casuistry of 56-year-old patient with multicentic fibrous dysplasia of 5th and 6th rib the authors demonstrate healing procedures conducted by thoracic surgeon and neurosurgeon. A tumour compressed the right lung and caused breathlessness by creating pleural efusions. A part of the tumour grew into the spinal canal and compressed the spinal cord. In the acute phase during laminectomy the spinal cord compression was released. In the second phase the tumour was extirpated from thoracic wall, with resection of affected part of ribs and thoracic vertebrae. A large resection area was a source of difficult -to-stop bleeding after application of local haemostat Traumastem TAF the blood loss significantly reduced. The result entitles us to recommend a surgical treatment.

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