Non-healing wound treatment with aquacel and Traumastem Biodress comparison of efficiency

12. 7. 2011

In this article we present results of the prospective, randomized study, comparing the results of the wound local therapy with two dressings: Aquacel and Traumastem Biodress.

Non-healing leg ulcer

12. 7. 2011

Ulcerus cruris as a chronic wound can be of various etiology, mostly venous or arterial, possibly of mixed etiology. Sometimes there is not possible to find a primary causation, what results in cases of non-healing leg ulcers, from which a patient suffers for many months or years. Despite of the entire examination effort and a therapy both general and local, whether standard treatment or treatment with modern dressings, repeated hospitalisations and nursery care, these ulcerations heal and recur repeatedly and sometimes they do not heal completely at all. This casuistry concerns a patient from this group, even if we, during continuous observations and examinations, have found other diseases worsening the ulcerations.

Problems of wound treatment after cardiac surgery operation: Bioactive therapy by Traumacel Biodress

12. 7. 2011

Operating wound healing disorder represents a serious complication of surgical intervention, prolongs patient´s hos­pitalization and requires more demanding nursery care. Our experience confirmed that therapy with Traumacel Biodress accelerates dehiscent wounds healing due to its ability of tissue remodelling.

Clinical Observation of Effectiveness and Safety of Medical Device on Basis of Oxidized Cellulose

12. 7. 2011

The clinical observation was carried out on the basis of predefined and known clinical data, with respect to stated properties of bandaging material. The target group consisted of patients with stagnating shinbone ulcerations of arterial and venous origin as well as diabetic foot. The observation was performed 7.10.2008 – 31.7.2009

Oxidized Cellulose in Treatment of Leg Ulcers Clinical Trial

12. 7. 2011

The clinical trial with the purpose to prove the effect of hydrogen-calcium salt of oxidized cellulose during leg ulcers treatment, took place in Surgery Department of The Hospital in Semily in 2008. Patients with chronic leg ulcers of various aetiologies, persisting more than 2 months, were included in this trial.

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